Thinking to be a Vegetarian – Look for some benefits

vegetarian diet

Meat or No Meat? A common thought and a question many people go through. Consuming a vegetarian diet and avoiding animal meat products help lower the cholesterol level and blood pressure, decreasing the chances of strokes, cancer, diabetes, heart disease. Besides this, a vegetarian food is anti-inflammatory being high in fibre. The anti-oxidants contained in the green leafy vegetables help in losing weight by burning fats. You can easily learn to balance your meals without having meat in your food by understanding what nutrients you will miss out if you go vegan. 

Vegetarian Diet Health Benefits

Vegetables are a rich source of dietary fibre, iron, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin C and E and phytochemicals. They have a lesser amount of saturated fat and cholesterol, fatty acids, vitamin D and B12, zinc, calcium and thus calories. Vegetables are high in protective nutrients and help to bring back your energy.

Animal foods and products are the main source of cholesterol and saturated fats and lack fibre. A vegan diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reversing the hardening of arteries; a major cause of heart failure.

Taking a vegetarian diet decreases the gumminess of blood thus lowering the blood pressure. On the other hand, vegetables are lower in sodium, fats, and cholesterol and have a higher amount of potassium which helps lower the blood pressure.

A vegetarian diet with some regular exercise can control and even reverse non- insulin dependent diabetes. A vegetarian diet is rich in fibre and carbohydrates and allows insulin to work effectively by regulating glucose levels. It can also satisfy all nutrient requirements and appropriate for all ages.

Non-vegetarian diets are rich in protein and stimulate the more excretion of calcium, uric acid, and oxalate. All of these are the major cause of the urinary tract stones. Animal meat is also high in cholesterol and fats which are the main cause of gallstones formation.

Similarly, non-vegetarians have a higher risk of osteoporosis as compared to vegetarians as animal meat cause the body to excrete more calcium out of the body which results in bone loss.

If you are really thinking to be a vegetation, it can be a great start into better health. Stay in touch as we believe and will be sharing more related information on this.

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