Tips to Burn Calories at Work

tips to burn calories at work

It’s hard to find the motivation to hit the gym after work and you are aware that sitting desk jobs lead to increase risk in weight gain, diabetes, heart disease. Even if you are exercising hard, sitting for longer periods every day is not good for you. Some basic tips to burn calories at work can help here

Whether you are overweight or have normal weight, burning extra calories which overburden all body systems especially Cardiac System, is a must. Planning to burn extra calories during the job hours is more feasible because at the job you are destined to be active and more efficient as compared to the time when you are staying back at home. Here are a few easy techniques to get rid of extra calories.

Walking to the office if it’s not very far from your home or parking your car at some distance from the office and walking briskly to the office helps in burning calories.

At the office, if you always have been sitting on a comfortable chair and using your laptop in a comfy way, adopting to work on a standing desk is a good choice. They are getting common in workplaces now but if you are still struggling to have one, try to make a standing desk for yourself by placing a few cardboard boxes on the table to increase height and place your laptop over those boxes. Working on the computer in standing position helps to lose calories very efficiently. When you start, experiment different sit and stand ratio to make yourself comfortable.

Instead of calling or emailing your colleague for any task, it is always better to be there by walking a small distance. Plan walk and talk meetings instead of conference room brainstorming.

Taking tea or coffee with relatively less sugar every week will get your body tuned up to low carbohydrates which will help you burnout calories. Also, instead of keeping a glass full of water on your desk to satisfy your thirst, always walk to the water dispenser to get one for yourself.

You can do arm stretches and knee stretches while sitting in a chair.  You can also do a sit stand exercise every hour for just a few minutes. These two simplest ways to exercise will even make your mind work more efficiently.

Breathing deeply every hour for a short while helps to burn 20% more calories than shallow breathing, experts say.

Overall, find a reason to walk. Try these easy steps during your working hours, it’s not hard to build these great interactive habits.

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