Spiritual Healing – A Complete Guide from a Channeling Healer

Spiritual Healing

A Complete Guide to Channel Healing

Though a large number of people are turning to channel healing to find a solution to their worldly worries, many of them still don’t know what exactly channel healing is. In spiritual language channeling is defined as opening yourself to higher consciousness (or the universal energies). It is about becoming a channel of communication with higher beings such as saints, angels, Siddha gurus, or family deities. Being a channel healer myself, in this post I talk about how channeling or spiritual healing works, how I practice channel healing and how can you become a channel healer.

How does channeling work?

We know channeling means communicating with higher level of existence. When a client consults a channel regarding a personal problem, the channel’s crown chakra gets activated. It then works as an antenna that sends out messages into the universe. It is like tuning into the vast cosmic radio to get the right signal. The messages take a round of the universe to find its correct resonance (which is the answer). Once it hits the right frequency it returns back to the crown chakra, thereby giving a thought message or a vision to the channel. When the channel is out of meditation, they suggest remedies based on information received. This is how channeling is used to find solution.

During consultation, a channel is in a state of heightened awareness. It is a trance like state wherein the channel pushes aside their ego and lets their higher consciousness to intervene. In this altered state, a channel invites higher energy into their space, and seeks its help to find an answer to their client’s problem. The communication that happens on higher energy fields is available to a discerned eye.

How do I practice channel healing

When I practice channeling, claircognizance comes into practice. My conscious mind steps aside and allows my higher consciousness to get complete information. I usually begin with automatic writing. I get a sense of knowing what to write. I write without stopping as if revelations of ideas are entering into my mind and I know what to write. I channel mainly through writing, some people channel through speech.

Similarly, when, I do healing, I invoke energies of my family deities and higher masters who channel it through me and I transmit it to clients who consult me. The remedies suggested in this process come from the universe or higher consciousness.

How to become a channeling healer?

It might take a few years to become channel or a medium (they are similar as both are able to reach higher level of consciousness and communicate with universal energies.) To become a channeling healer one needs to align to their true self through meditation. They must undergo spiritual practice which includes meditation, breathing exercises, diet restrains and a yogic way of life to purify the body and mind. The breath control exercises quieten the mind and allow an individual to experience bodiless consciousness in mediation. This in turn enables the channel to connect with the universe.

Besides channeling, I also practice clairvoyant reading that involves tapping into energy fields to see your problems and find their solution.

Word of advice

A channeling healer would never ask people with any medical condition to stop their prescribed medications. The remedies suggested in channeling healing do not interfere with medicines. So, if you come across someone who claims to be a channel healer and asks you to stop taking your medicines, do bat an eye.

Disclaimer: The content on HealthTime is for educational and informational purposes only. Do not consider this as medical advice. Use the content in consultation with a certified healthcare professional.


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