Smart Foods to Enhance Concentration

enhance concentration

There are some foods that enhance concentration and help your brain function better. As we age our body and mind ages, but you can add ‘smart’ foods to enhance immediate concentration or develop a healthy brain over time. First two are examples of immediate and remaining are good for life. Analyze your needs today, it’s HEALTHTIME.

Foods that Enhance Concentration

Caffeine can energize you

You can get much energy by obtaining caffeine and you concentrate. You can drink coffee, energy drinks containing caffeine. Sure, the effects are not for a long term but you should never overdo it as you may feel uncomfortable.

Sugar may activate you

Glucose is very important to your brain and your body processes it from the carbs and sugars you eat. So, if you drink sweet juice it will boost your memory for a short-term. Your mental ability will be improved as well.  However, too much glucose can be harmful. So, don’t overuse it and it will have a great effect on your brain.

Add Nuts and Chocolates to your diet

Nuts and chocolates contain vitamin E. Especially dark chocolate has very powerful antioxidant properties. It contains caffeine as well that enhances your attention and concentration. Try to have nuts and dark chocolate every day but a number of their calories, fat or sugar should be a minimum.

Eat breakfast

Do you always hurry and don’t have time for breakfasts? Take into account that this shouldn’t become a habit as in order to improve your short-term memory and attention you should never skip eating breakfasts. Students who don’t ignore breakfast are more attentive and successful in classes. You can eat fruits or grains in the mornings, but keep in mind that high-calorie breakfasts harm your concentration. If you are struggling with time, try some juice blenders. Trust, your nutrient breakfast can be ready in less than 2 mins. Try adding avocado in your breakfast menu.

Eat Fish

Fish contains protein that will boost your brain. Fish is rich in omega – 3 fatty acids that improve brain health. Your memory will be improved and it may play a great role in lowering dementia and stroke risks. If you want to have a healthy heart and brain, try having fish twice a week.

Never ignore 3 blueberries

According to many types of research, blueberries are a great way to protect the brain from damages like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. A research in animals has shown that blueberries improve the learning and muscle function of aging rats and in this way, they don’t differ from the younger rats at all. Isn’t this amazing?

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