Negative Energy Cleansing for a Healthy Mind and Body

Negative energy

The universe is made up of energy that is either positive or negative in nature. While positive energy brings with it many benefits, negative energy can severely damage your personal, work and social life. Negative energy has the potential to empower your mind and body, robbing you of your happiness. What’s worse is that negative energy not only affects us, but also the people around us. Negative energy cleansing is the best thing individuals can do keep themselves pure. Before we get into the details of cleansing, let’s learn more about your aura and factors that affect and influence energy in the body.

What is Aura?

The human life has two levels of existence – physical body and spirit body. Negative energy impacts the spirit body, which is also known as aura. An aura is a halo or an electromagnetic field that extends around the body. It is an energy shield that protects the physical body. Although aura is invisible to a common eye, it exists symbiotically with our physical body.

How electromagnetic fields affect your surroundings?

The electromagnetic field in the body is the result of chemical reactions that take place in brain cells. Just like an electric circuit produces magnetic induction, the human electromagnetic field has the power to influence people. The energies we absorb can increase or decrease the electromagnetic field around our body. That’s the reason you are always comfortable and feel reassuring and protective in the company of some people.

Factors that negatively impact electromagnetic fields

Modern lifestyle is one of the primary reasons why there’s so much negative energy around us. Humans are exposed to environmental toxicity. In addition to this, consumption of packaged food, smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep and rising level of pollution also impact the general well-being. All these factors eventually take over the mind and spread negativity.

Thoughts and emotions of anger, jealousy, hatred, ill-will weaken the auric field. Moreover, when our auric field is constantly exposed to noise pollution, social media manipulations, advertisement, electromagnetic radiations emitted from gadgets, it depletes the layer of good energy around the body, making it vulnerable to absorb negative energies from other people.

Who is affected the most by negative energy?

Individuals who are in professions which require constant public interaction tend to absorb more energy than others. Doctors, teachers, traders, bankers, astrologers, healers, marketing professionals, police, actors are more prone to negative energy attacks. Professionals who are in other jobs that do not involve public interactions, also face the issue of aura depletion because of working in cramped office spaces that have lack of ventilation, overexposure to electronic devices, unhealthy eating timings, etc.

Cleansing the electromagnetic field

Body detoxification has been an integral part of many spiritual traditions. ‘Panchakarma’, for instance, is an old Ayurvedic ritual of oil massage for purification of body. Nowadays, there is general awareness in the population about the importance of detox routine. Like detoxifying the internal system, it is important to understand our auric field needs regular cleansing. One must get into a regular routine of cleansing the energy field around the body. Here are some of the ways for cleansing the auric field and reducing negative energy.

1. Grounding

The excess of electromagnetic current of the body gets grounded when one connects with nature. A relaxing walk in the park or soaking feet in the sea or a walk in the forest once in a while or gardening can have great grounding effect.

2. Cleansing Showers

Sea salt is believed to be the best cleanser. Add sea salt in a bucket full of lukewarm water and soak feet for at least 20 minutes to take away negative energy attracted by the body. Alternatively, rubbing the body with sea salt in a shower can also help one to get rid of negative energy.

3. Sound Energy Healing

Listening to chants creates a change in energy fields. Mantras or any types of chants are sound energies that help in creating a protective shield around our body, and reduce the vibration of negative energy.

4. Sun baths (Light/heat energy)

Sun baths are the ultimate cleansers. Exposing the belly button for ten minutes in the morning sun before 10 o’clock allows absorption of energy of the sun in the body. As low-frequency energies cannot survive in sunlight, exposure to sun is energetically purifying. If it does not fit your routine, taking an hour of sunbath once a week will also work wonders.

Final Words

We pick negative energy without even realizing it. The problem arrives when the negative energy is not cleared. Restlessness, fatigue, irritability, unusual temperamental behavior and agitated mind are the signs of imbalance in auric field. Detoxifying your aura is a great way to fill yourself and the people around you with positivity. Try one of the cleansing methods shared in the post, and I am sure you will be benefited.

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