Mind-Body-Soul (A way to Raja yoga)

raja yoga

Raja yoga, also known as Ashtanga Yoga is the path to practice and self-discipline. It is for people who prefer a challenging and highly structured practice. While the sequences are pre-defined, the poses in Raja yoga are done in a continuous flow and at the yogi’s own pace. When we say that Raja yoga eventually leads one to the path of self-discipline and practice, how do we reach the position? The answer is by connecting our mind, body, and soul.

How to proceed – How do we connect 3 routes?

1. Understanding Mind

By yoga sutra’s one has to purify his moral and social conducts to proceed and succeed in Dhyana – meditation.

Not harming – lust-free – non-stealing nature. Maintaining sexual control – non-greed in all physical and mental aspects will be the building blocks to calm down the mind and subside hyper and overactive physical tendencies.

A lust-free/greed free/peaceful mind is a result of inner satisfaction and gratitude for what one has, his/her austerity i.e unshakable discipline to follow dharma. A lot of self-study to get gyana (knowledge) and complete surrender to god and not doubting or judging what comes around

Karma yoga selfless action – allows sadhak to understand our presence is and should support human race and entire universe unconditionally and that really (burns the ego of Me – What’s mine- What’s not mine) and we become one with cosmos – duality ends – mind is calm – without fear -with no judgments – in a mystic state.

Bhakti yoga – The path of devotion allows us to feel and see Gods in Humans beings – animals- plants – flora fauna – ocean. To follow the path of devotion – where you stand is your religious place.

Gyana yoga is what we learn with scriptures, learn from Gurus and learn after karma-Bhakti yoga.

Meditation is an output. It is not the input i.e dhyana just happens when the mind is still and does not deviate with 5 sensory organs withdrawn inside and also selectively participating in the above yogic process – methods for Raja yoga (the highest form of mind control)

A successful meditation is a combination of Karma gyana and bhakti yoga resulting in Rajyoga (Connection with supreme)

2. Understanding Body

Body – The first layer – Annamaya kosha – Layer made of food.

The body is the only place where we live stay and use this as a ship to sail through the life journey.

A toxic body will never allow a Sadhak or practitioner to sit or be in meditation. Yoga is a process – without one – the next step may have obstacles.

Detoxifying the body is cleansing the cover /envelope to keep the soul safely in it without any dirt.

3. Understanding Soul

Divine energy that we awaken and touch with mantra meditation, chanting, understanding what god is and connecting with the universe with Karma and Bhakti yoga.

A soul with no duality with the other soul in bliss feels oneness, realizes god – With no conditions – with love ….A walk towards self-realization of being close to god, to self – divine pure nature – to Paramatma (God).

Yoga is just not about Asana – it is about connecting the three aspects and being a true Sadhak.

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