How to Double your Cycling Distance with Same Endurance?

HVMN Ketone

Have you ever thought what differentiates a winner from the rest? It’s the preparation for the battle for glory. When everyone is preparing to cross the finish line, a winner is challenging their limit and not limiting their challenges. Breaking the tape at Tour de France or Giro d’Italia demands more than focus, perseverance, and strength. For years, we believed the adage ‘practice makes a man perfect’. Cycling for long hours looked like the holy grail to build endurance. If you are one of those, who cycled for hours to work on their endurance, welcome to the world of HVMN Ketone. No, we don’t want you to miss those exercise sessions because you have found a magic potion. We recommend you to make this super fuel a part of your exercise regimen so that you can give yourself a new challenge every day. Not convinced? The post gives you more than a few reasons to have HVMN Ketone.

What is HVMN Ketone?

HVMN Ketone is the world’s first and only Ketone Ester that is bio-engineered for the top 1 percent of performers. Free from caffeine, fat, sugar, and salt, drinking 25g of ketone ester results in improved physical and cognitive performance.

Why should cyclists go for HVMN Ketone?

Natural fuel

When our body is pushed to its limits, the fat stored inside converts into ketones for energy. HVMN Ketone is the drinkable form of D-BHB ketone that is produced in the body via natural processes.  

Improves cognitive performance

Participating in long races leaves you exhausted physically and mentally. To prepare for the big event, you need to fuel the neurons. That’s where HVMN Ketone can help in improving the cognitive performance of the brain.

Increases endurance

Imagine how you will perform if your body gets 28 percent more efficient per unit oxygen? HVMN Ketone burns ketones and carbohydrate at the same time. This means, your body will get the benefits of ketosis without following a ketogenic diet.

Doesn’t leave you sore

HVMN Ketone increases the resynthesis of muscle protein and glycogen by 2.5x, reduces the production of lactic acid, and triggers anti-inflammatory properties of the body naturally. With all these benefits, pushing your limits and cycling for longer distances won’t leave you with a sore body.

More facts to believe in HVMN Ketone

HVMN Ketone is tagged as a ‘world record-breaking fuel.’ Renowned cyclist Vittoria Bussi broke the UCI Hour world record by riding 48,007 meters in 1 hour in the year 2018, watch this video. This is the maximum distance any woman has ever covered in 1 hour. The fuel behind her amazing performance was HVMN Ketone.

Tall yet true claims

HVMN Ketone is the result of years of research done by Oxford and NIH scientists as a part of a $60 million project. Their product is redefining how world-class athletes, soldiers, fitness trainers, and learners approach their workout sessions. It claims to:

  • Increase the efficiency of working muscles by 28 percent.
  • Increase athletic endurance and performance gains by 2-3 percent.

  • Preserve lean mass and decrease muscle damage, when taken with pre-workout carbs.

The Bottom Line

Endurance and speed are the strengths of a cyclist. You need to work hard to optimize them. While regular training is something that will keep you on the right track; giving your body the additional fuel will help it stay on the track for longer. Just 25 g of HVMN Ester before, during, or after activity will make sure that you train like the best.  

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