Progressive Overload: Learn How This Simple Yet Crucial Concept can Enhance Workout


When you want a consistent increase in stamina, build weight and improve flexibility, you end up giving 100 percent every time you workout. Do you think all these efforts can optimize every workout session? Well, no. For those who engage in real time workouts, they are aware of the fact there is stagnation of physical development at a stage. And it is this stage where you reach the plateau of your fitness and you see that there is practically no growth. It is time to resort to progressive overload. Progressive overload as the name suggests is a progressive concept for passionate and foresighted body builders, fitness lovers, and athletes. This is a principle that helps mushroom your efforts and gives you proportionately high leaps of stamina and muscle development for small increase in your efforts. Inquisitive to learn more about progressive overload? Read on.

What is Progressive Overload?

Catering to athletes and bodybuilders primarily, progressive overload is a very simple and logical concept that is a response to the body’s tendencies. It also works for fitness enthusiasts and seekers of stamina and flexibility though. When the body experiences the same level of physical activities for a period of time, it starts thinking that this is all it has to deal with all its life and so is happy and pacified. Even if you put in more zeal and enthusiasm in the same exercise, the results will be the same. The stage is a matter of concern? How can you take off to another peak and leave this plateau behind? The answer is by increasing intensity, and repetitions of the exercise or alternatively changing the frequency and nature of the exercise. Even if you extend with a small margin, the body will notice it and take up to match up with the inputs. It will give heed and take up to more muscle development and strength building. So basically, you are triggering the body’s psychology with external factors. This is the progressive overload principle.

Implementing Progressive Overload

If you do reps of 5 kgs weight training for your biceps, we recommend loading it up with 2 kgs more and making it 7 kgs or raising the reps to 10 numbers. If you work out twice a week, add one more in frequency and make it thrice a week. So you can apply the principal by altering either the frequency, time or type of the exercise.

The FITT Principle follows suit

The same league suggests the FITT principle. It means increasing any of the following to pep up your exercise.
• Frequency of workout
• Intensity of the workout or the weights that you are lifting
• Time of the exercise or the hours that you are working out for
• Type of the exercise; you can include a higher impact or more difficult level of an exercise

Overloading Outside of Exercise

Loading in the gym leads to building muscle outside the gym. Just support the development outside the gym with supplements that are capable of helping in increasing the muscles. Supplements in the form of energy drinks and powders can help in improving the recovery. Without these, your overloading efforts could go in vain. When you apply the progressive overload principle aided by these supplements you will experience the outstanding athlete in you. When we talk about supplements, HVMN Ketone tops our list? It is one of the most sought after and powerful natural fuel of all times. If you haven’t heard about HVMN Ketone or know a little about this super fuel, keep reading.

HVMN Ketone

HVMN Ketone is a volcano of energy, loaded with most natural ingredients. It avoids caffeine sugar, salt and all types of fats. It is an elixir for athletes. It has been seen that HVMN Ketone has increased muscle efficiency by 28%, thus increasing performance and output by 2%. It works by breaking down body fat and intramuscular glycogen along with the proteins. It thus speeds up the synthesis of glycogen by 60% and doubles up the protein synthesis.

Some of its benefits are:

  • Increases endurance, which means you can workout longer and faster.
  • Improves cognitive performance letting your brain respond and act promptly and swiftly.
  • Decreases fatigue and tiredness letting you do it again and yet again.
  • Helps reduce soreness by promoting natural anti-inflammatory tendencies.

If you don’t believe us, why not view the success story of HVMN Ketone with Victoria Bussi?

For professional cyclists, HVMN Ketone could be the holy grail to increase their cycling performance. Want to know how it is possible? Read our post on How to Double Your Cycling Distance with Same Endurance.

Besides HVMN Ketone, you can also include soy protein, Whey and casein intake post-workout. These provide building blocks to the body and help in maintaining muscle mass.

So athletes and bodybuilders, put your shoes on, work more productively by using the principle of progressive overload. Leave no stone unturned in fueling yourself up with the extra energy you will need for that. Give all this what you get in return is consistent, powerful unparalleled growth. All the Best!


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