Happiness is in a Healthy Body

Happiness is in a Healthy Body

The state of your body is your responsibility. A good healthy body means a happy life. For a healthy body, people are encouraged to continuously participate in a range of activities to improve their body states. Some of these include taking healthy diets and continuous activities to improve your body’s physical fitness. A healthy body will enable to you to take part in almost all available extracurricular activities unlike others, move around faster, work for longer without getting tired and avoid easy infection with certain diseases. When you maintain a healthy body, your confidence tends to improve.

Poor health states can be disastrous. For instance, huge weights and deformed bodies are a source of low self-esteem for many people. When you have an unhealthy body, you will be less active and will be prone to both simple illnesses such as fevers and also more complex and serious illnesses such as high blood pressure or even stroke.

Poor body health states are caused by different behaviors that we engage ourselves in. For instance, people who eat continuously without taking a close look and evaluating the nutrients in the food and the essence of the foods we eat in our bodies usually end up eating one nutrient instead of balanced diets as they should. Some people also tend to sit around or drive around all the time and not taking part in any healthy activities such as exercise or even simply walking around. You are encouraged to continuously exercise your body in order to use up the fats in the body as energy and maintain your body size hence improving your health. Continuous exercise also helps improve bodily functions such as the flow of blood in your body and the digestion of the foods in your body. Drugs also contribute to poor health. Various drugs have various negative effects. For instance, alcohol tends to wear out the liver and can cause various diseases such as liver cirrhosis. Equally as harmful are cigarettes which can cause cancer in various parts of the body.

Quitting some of these harmful habits can be difficult since behaviors are hard to change. However, for the sake of your own body, you are encouraged to slowly improve the state of your body by slowly taking up other activities such as exercise.

Good health is a source of happiness. This is because the more healthy you are, the less the stress exerted on your body and you will, therefore, remain calm and happy.

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