Benefits of Ghee aka Ghrtam – The Ancient Nectar

benefits of ghee

Muni Charvaka praises Ghrtam, saying “Yavatjivet sukham jivet, runam krutva ghritam pibet. Bhasmibutavasya dehasya punargam kutah”.

He calls ‘The Food of the Gods’ or Ghee as the ultimate substratum of health and the bliss of the body. Muni says one must live happily and feed the body with Ghrtam against all odds. After all, we get this body only once.

When most urbanized mind-sets will probably be aghast at a suggestion so creamy and rich like this one, little do they that Ghee is the holy grail to good health. It is a source of pure health, energy and yes, weight loss. Wonder why our ancestors, priests and spiritual gurus propose the use of this fragrant clarified butter so much? Let’s take a closer look at the biochemistry and benefits of ghee.

The Biochemistry of Ghee

Understanding the biochemistry of Ghee will make it clear. In simple words, getting a hang of the functionality and effects of Ghee on your body will elevate you from the layman status to a health conscious protagonist. You will sure want to spread the awareness. So here you go.

Benefits of Ghee

Regular intake of Ghee increases the Agni which is the digestive fire of the body, thereby meaning your body’s metabolism is boosted. Does that not mean you lose weight better? Yes… It is simple and true.

Ghee is rich in DHA (Dicosa Hexanoic Acid). This helps and mobilizes brain development. Does that strike a chord in your memory? The TV commercial of a popular health drink for kids around 3-4 years of age? DHA rich drink that promised to bring out the Einstein in each child? Yes, that’s it.

The most common notion that Ghee brings to your mind is that it is saturated fat. Better than refined oils. The truth is a little hazy in this contradictory here. It is not what it looks like. Ghee is saturated fat, but with its unique structure and biochemistry it offers a high number of Short Chain Fatty Acids to your body. These in turn mobilize fats from all the areas of your body including the most stubborn ones. This makes for an excellent fuel for fat burning. Read about How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally.

This healthy clarified butter is rich in CLAs (Conjugated Linoleic Acids). This is another boost for your body’s fat burning process. In addition to making you slim and attractive, this taste enhancing ingredient also strengthens your bones and nourishes your skin with its high dose of Vitamins A, E and D.

Ghee stands as the most lucrative thing today because of the rise of arthritic patients everywhere as the sedentary lifestyle is in rise. Ghee rejuvenates people sulking from joint pains and saves them a lot of pain. It lubricates joints, and allows easier movements. Adding Ghee in raw form or cooking your food in it, both fill your lives with agility.

Now, let’s go deeper into the organ benefits of ghee. It is very beneficial for the liver. It detoxifies the liver by removing the old bile and letting it produce fresh bile.

Ghee facilitates satiation. In other words, it keeps you feeling full and thus stops you from over-eating.

Wrapping Up!

Wondering how have you missed all this by adhering to the cliché that ghee is fattening? Count the benefits of ‘The Food of Gods’ and you won’t be able to thank God enough. The wonderful Ghrtam has taken a backseat due to modernization. That said, there is a question here to ponder. By not using Ghee, have the obesity and health issues minimized at all? Has distancing ourselves from the magical food got us any distant from diseases? Think about it.

Eat Pure, Eat Healthy, Stay at Bliss!!

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Dr.Shweta Singh is a qualified Nutritionist and a Fitness Coach. She has been into extensive research of Allopathic and Herbal Medicines. She has proved that many ailments including Type 2 Diabetes can be cured and reversed by following an unsuppressed diet plan. One that you will be happy to follow and yet get the desired results. She believes that the cure to most of the diseases us a happy lifestyle devoid of restriction on food and extreme physical exertions. She is readily available on Whatsapp for a more detailed guidance.



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