Always Late? Never Be Late Again

Always late

Do you feel as you’re always running late? You’ve tried setting your clocks ahead and getting up earlier, yet your days are still filled with last minute dashes to the finish line. But if you think that you’re the only one suffering from this problem then you need to look around and you will find lots of people facing the same issue on daily basis, Diana DeLonzor the author of the book “Never Be Late Again” was always, always late. “It didn’t matter what time I got up. I could get up at six and still be late for work at nine,” she recalls. She was lectured at work, lost friendships, and her timely husband was always mad at her.

The people who are punctual, misunderstand. They think you’re doing it as a control thing, or that you’re selfish or inconsiderate. But, it really is a much more complex problem than it seems. As French writer, Voltaire said that “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking”.

With the sustained thinking following are some ways to break the bad habit of being always late

Always schedule to arrive a little bit earlier

Late people always aim to arrive at the last minute, they leave no room for contingency. Don’t chance it. When you have to be somewhere always try to be there 10-15 minutes before you need to.

Welcome the wait

If the thought of getting anywhere before time, freaks you out, you can plan an activity to do in the intervening time. Call a friend you have not spoken to in a while, bring a magazine or go over your plans for the week. In this, you can make good use of that time and will remain motivated.

Always set two alarms

Set one alarm to let you know that it’s time to drop out what you are doing and second alarm means that you must be doing the action by now.

Prioritize so that you aren’t always late

Prioritizing is one of the key points to be on time. As people simply don’t have enough time to do everything. The only way to change this is to stop doing so much. Face the reality that you cannot get your whole list done. Figure out what’s most important and just get that done. Get into the practice of thinking ahead.

Exercise and eat healthy

Setting an exercise routine and keeping a watch on what you eat can also help you stay active. You can check out some core exercises for beginners, as well as try keto diet or other diet plans to stay fit and active. When you have a routine in place and don’t feel tired, you will be motivated to doing everything within the time frame.

Being late might be a chronic problem in the way of your success. It says that “you don’t value them and value your time more”. Even if you are not intending to say that. There is no reason to live with this lateness again. Set yourself and you can start right now!

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