Debunking 5 Most Common Myths About Hair Loss

myths about hair loss

Losing their lovely tresses is one of the biggest fears that men and women have. Most of this fear stems from myths that have been surrounding hair loss since ages. The worst part is that some marketers take advantage of this fear and lure people into buying hair care products or hair loss treatment packages that aren’t any good. If you want to avoid falling into any such trap then read this post where we talk about the five most common myths about hair loss.

1. Excess testosterone causes hair loss

Whether it’s men or women, high testosterone level has nothing to do with hair loss in either gender. The fact is that our body converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that damages hair follicle. This means those with a higher testosterone to DHT conversion rate, experience more hair fall as compared to the ones with an average conversion rate.

2. Contraceptive pills cause hair loss

While it’s true that the older version of contraceptive pills used to have a progesterone that acted like an androgen that causes hair damage, there is no such issue or side effects with the newer version of contraceptive pills.

3. Only older men and women experience hair loss

Unfortunate but true, even those in their 20s may experience hair loss if they have a family history of hair loss or if they have poor diet or an unhealthy lifestyle. The hair loss may start in the teens and the condition might aggravate by the time people are in their mid 20s. While you can’t do much to avoid hair loss caused due to genetics, you can take care of things such as your eating habits, lifestyle and others that are well within your control.

4. Too much shampooing causes hair loss

As people tend to notice hair shedding most during the shower sessions, a common myth is that shampooing is one of the causes of hair loss. The truth, however, is that shampooing less can cause hair loss because leaving the scalp dirty can result in dandruff that inhibits hair growth. Shampoo regularly to clean your scalp and get rid of the hormones that cause hair to shed.

5. Day to day stress can lead to hair loss

Worried about worrying? Well, Worry not. A common myth about hair loss is that stress causes hair loss. While traumatic events such as a terminal illness, excessive weight loss or gain all of a sudden may cause hair loss, but even according to Mayo Clinic the two types of hair loss ‘telogen effluvium’ and ‘alopecia areata’ in which the hair growth pauses or there is a patchy hair growth, are both temporary.

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