Dr. Mike J Gomez

UNVEILED! The Relationship Between Recurring Pain in Women and Hormones

Hormones are little messengers that play a critical role in driving your body. When they are balanced, you stay happy, healthy and focused. The...
types of stretching

Beat the Office Slouch with These 7 Types of Stretching Exercises

You are a working professional in 20s - 30s who goes to gym regularly, sleeps for up to 8 hours a day, and eats...
active stretches

5 Active Stretches to Help Retail and Hospitality Staff Stay on Their Feet for...

Standing for long hours is as harmful to the body as is sitting at a workstation. Being on your feet might help burn calories,...
butter in coffee benefits

Butter in Coffee: Benefits, Uses, and Recipes

Butter in coffee may seem weird at first. But people everywhere have been praising the benefits of butter coffee. A drink combining the quick...
good health

The Importance of Food and Diet for Good Health

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


ayurvedic plants

An Insight Into Miraculous Ayurvedic Plants

Ayurveda is a boon for mind and body with origin tracing back to one of the oldest phases of time. It is a 5000-year-old...
ketogenic diet

How Ketogenic Diet Can Help in Weight Loss?

Ketogenic diet, initially designed in the 1900s to treat the infrequent cases of seizure disorders, is nowadays changing more lives that have nothing to...
what are vitamins

A Healthy Look Into the World of Vitamins (Infographic)

Written by Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, Md Life today is fast-paced. We work hard and play hard. And, something has to give – unfortunately, that usually means...

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eat well at work

Know the Right Way to Eat Well at Work 

Eating habits have become a matter of concern, especially on the parameters of quality, freshness, and pattern. And while you are not eating the...