raja yoga

Mind-Body-Soul (A way to Raja yoga)

Raja yoga, also known as Ashtanga Yoga is the path to practice and self-discipline. It is for people who prefer a challenging and highly...
HVMN Ketone

How to Double your Cycling Distance with Same Endurance?

Have you ever thought what differentiates a winner from the rest? It’s the preparation for the battle for glory. When everyone is preparing to...
types of Pilates

Types of Pilates You Must Know Before You Choose One

“Pilates is so varied that chances are if you have ten Pilates instructors under one roof, none of them would agree with each other...
history of ayurveda

History of Ayurveda: Evolution, Resurgence and Rise to Fame

The history of Ayurveda is rich, vibrant, and impressive. It has seen a winding path and faced obstacles of time. Yet it has transcended...
types of stretching

Beat the Office Slouch with These 7 Types of Stretching Exercises

You are a working professional in 20s - 30s who goes to gym regularly, sleeps for up to 8 hours a day, and eats...


Intermittent Fasting

Not Sure What Type of Intermittent Fasting is Right for You? Read This!

Intermittent fasting is the holy grail for those who want to lose weight, but at the same time can’t resist their love for food....
Lentil soup

Stay Fit with Lentil Soup: Here’s an Easy-to-prepare Recipe

We live in a fast world, with loads of responsibilities and no time to follow a proper food regime. This could lead to deficiencies....

Nutrient Superstar – Avocado

The avocado is a unique fruit with lots of good fats and multivitamins. It is technically a single seed berry with powerful health benefits...

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raw turmeric

6 Reasons Why Raw Turmeric Should Get the Highest Place in...

Turmeric is the protagonist of Indian cuisine. Attributed to its distinct flavor and health benefits, it goes hand in hand with salt in initiating...