Core Exercises without equipment

Adding Core Exercises Without Equipment to Your Daily Routine

Core Exercises without equipment are a very important component of one’s exercise regime. They target particular areas such as the muscles in the abdomen,...
yoga exercises

5 Yoga Exercises For a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

Those who have been doing Yoga for long would know that it’s not just another set of exercises that simply helps one lose weight,...
work from home snacks

Healthy Snacks to Binge Eat When Your Are Working from Home

COVID-19 is giving a tough time to the entire world. Companies have asked employees to work from home to prevent community spread and a...
Facial Yoga

Counter the Signs of Aging with Facial Yoga. Learn How

One of the first signs of aging that start becoming apparent in men and women are the changes that start occuring in their facial...
belly fat

Best Cardio Exercises to Blast That Stubborn Belly Fat

Belly fat can be understood better by dividing it into two parts: the superficial fat or the deep/visceral fat. The deep belly fat is...


7 Fat Burning Foods

7 Fat Burning Foods

Are you looking to reduce your belly fat? Losing weight is possible from two dimensions where one is exercising and other is right diet. It...
Paleo Diet

Is Paleo Diet Relevant in the Modern World?

Paleo diet has made a disruptive comeback after a millennium, and trust us that it is more popular than ever. Also known as caveman...
benefits of ghee

Benefits of Ghee aka Ghrtam – The Ancient Nectar

Muni Charvaka praises Ghrtam, saying “Yavatjivet sukham jivet, runam krutva ghritam pibet. Bhasmibutavasya dehasya punargam kutah”. He calls ‘The Food of the Gods’ or Ghee...

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what are net carbs

What Are Net Carbs?

Originally published on HVMN by Ryan Rodal In recent years, carb counting has become a major point of dietary emphasis. With many low-carb diets such...


rice and dieting

Rice and Dieting – Can Both Go Hand in Hand?

Good health is all about the right balance of food and exercise. When it comes to food, carrying a sense of eating nutritional food...